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in 2012, i contacted my friend, the ridiculously talented john dickey, and suggested that since neither one of us was currently in a band, we should try to create something together. the result is verst. i’m fortunate to be playing again with my friend of 30 years (and the drummer in my 90s band, rule of thumb), brandon hemley. mike margulies, a multi-faceted multi-instrumentalist rounds out the quartet.

Starship Crash, our debut album, was recorded in several locations around the San Francisco Bay Area and mastered by JJ Golden (Soundgarden, Vetiver, Ty Segall, and many others) down in Ventura, CA. The best way to experience Verst music is by playing it loud.

Starship Crash is available in two editions:

  • 140-gram colored vinyl (also includes the full digital download version) – $20 plus tax and shipping
  • Digital-only, featuring two songs not on the vinyl edition – $10

Buy a copy of the limited edition 140-gram colored vinyl here.

Buy your copy from us right over here...

Starship Crash – the debut album from Verst. High-quality limited edition colored vinyl pressing.

Starship Crash is also available on iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, and the other usual digital outlets. But we’d really prefer you buy it from us in person or via Bandcamp.