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lucasfilm (the young indiana jones documentaries)

george lucas’ “young indiana jones” TV series only lasted two seasons, but was beloved by many. when lucas decided to release the series on DVD, he envisioned it as more than just entertainment – he knew it could also be a great tool for educators. lucas assembled an expert team of documentarians led by CBS news veteran, david schneider. over the course of three years, the team produced 94 supplemental documentaries that followed the historical arc of the series.

john was selected as one of five narrators for the project, lending his voice to more than 20 documentaries. in many of the films, john not only provided the main narration, but voiced historical characters in british, french, and german accents. here are a few examples of john’s work from this ambitious project.

From Slavery to Freedom.
Produced and written by Mark Page.

Braque & Picasso: A Collaboration Cubed.
Produced and written by Mark Page.

Invention and Innovation: What’s Behind a Good Idea?.
Produced and written by Doug Hamilton.

Medicine in the Middle Kingdom..
Produced and written by Sharon Wood.

On the Trail of Eliot Ness..
Produced and written by Sharon Wood.